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Mesin Kasir CASIO SE-S100 Series

Kategori Cash Register
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The SE-S100 is a stylish addition to your store decor that provides a choice of exquisite colors to enhance your store’s appeal, plus all the functions you need for efficient business operation.



casio SE S100


 Easy-to-read LCD displays

The backlit two-line LCD is easy to read even in dimmed store interiors.  The rear customer display reduces check-out errors and builds customer confidence by allowing customers to confirm sales transactions.

  SD card compatible

The use of a SD card to save / load cash register settings or save sales data on a PC supports reliable, efficient register operation.

  High-performance thermal printer

The quiet thermal printer delivers high resolution of 384 dots per line. Drop-in paper loading makes paper roll replacement quick and easy.

  Designed for optimal operability

Ergonomic design provides greater ease of use.

Easy initial setup

Basic settings such as language, date, time, and tax rate will automatically start when you use the machine for the first time. The main display and printer will provide step-by-step setup guidance.

  Simple character setting

Characters can be easily entered from the 10-key keypad to set the department name and PLU name. The main display enables you to confirm input characters at a glance.

  Electronic journal function

The Electronic Journal function enables you to save the contents of sales transactions in built-in memory

Color Selections


SE-S100-S-GD (Gold) SE-S100-S-SR (Silver) SE-S100-S-RD (Red) SE-S100-S-BK (Black)

Technical Specifications


No. of departments 24 departments (12 department keys x 2 shift keys)
No. of PLUs 2,000
Memory Backup Battery backup (Two AA batteries required)
Display Operator display : 2-line LCD (backlit)
Customer display : 1-line LCD
Printer Thermal printer / Printing speed : Max 10 lines/sec.
Power source 100V to 240V
Paper width 58mm +0/-1mm Max 80
Environment Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃(32℉ to 104℉)
Humidity : 10% to 90%
Dimensions With small drawer : 167mm(H)×326mm(W)×345mm(D)
With medium drawer : 180mm(H)×410mm(W)×450mm(D)
Weight Approx. 3.3 kg with small drawer, 7.3 kg with
medium drawer


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